To put it simply, I started this site to express my dealings with Microsoft products. I am an avid Microsoft enthusiast; however, whenever I try to discuss, write about, or mention Microsoft products, I do try to do so in an objective manner. Of course, being an enthusiast means that I do on occassion tend to favor Microsoft over its competitors (especially Apple and Google).

I started testing Microsoft Beta software about five to six years ago. Prior to that I had been tinkering with Windows for years. I first started working with computers at the wee age of five years old when my Grandfather gave me his old IBM 386 to play around with. Needless to say, I became addicted from day one. Computers have become a passion for me, and unlike many people, I crave for Microsoft software. To me, they provide very elegant UIs with functional background code. An excellent combination that is unmatched elsewhere.

Recently, I’ve been heavily involved with beta testing some of the newer Microsoft software (I’m currently writing this in the new Internet Explorer 9 Beta). Maybe my thoughts about certain products may never be heard, maybe they will, but I do enjoy the entire process and have fun every minute. (Although, I will admit, there are aggrevating times when something doesn’t work just right.)

If you wish to contact me feel free to do so in a number of ways, through comments, e-mail, or through Twitter. No, I don’t have a Facebook, so that’s not an option. Update: I now have a Facebook, I finally broke into the mantra. However, I only “friend” people that I know. If you want to know a bit about my computing habits, feel free to check out my Wakoopa account, a free software tracker.

Other Projects

I’m also involved in a few other projects that don’t include this site, as those progress, I’ll update this section with further information. Currently, you can feel free to check out my other blog, Tinkering with Windows and Everything Windows, which were two of my first stomping grounds on talking about my experiences with Microsoft software. The site has been neglected of late, but I hope to use it as a more technical approach towards my writing about Microsoft software.

I’ll update this page with more information as time progresses.

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