Microsoft Releases Visual Basic WP7 Tools to the Web

Microsoft today yesterday (now that I’ve forgotten to post this) announced the RTW of the Visual Basic WP7 Development Tools. Previously, Microsoft had only allowed development with Windows Phone in Visual C#, with this update/add-on, users will be able to develop for the Windows Phone in two different languages, C# and Basic. Feel free to […]

Bing Visual Search: Find Your Favorite WP7 App

The other day, the Windows Team Blog offered up five new ways in which the Windows Phone team is trying to promote development for Windows Phone. My favorite feature of the five that they listed was the Bing Visual Search feature which allows users to simply find a Windows Phone app that they enjoy, visually. […]

Save $30 On Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student

Microsoft is currently offering $30 off on its Office 2010 Home and Student Suite from now until 11:59PM on November 29, bring the price from $150 down to $120. Home and Student edition includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. As the name implies, this suite should be suitable for the average home user or student. […]