100 Days of Code: Day 1 – App Tracker

Yesterday, I posted about starting the #100DaysOfCode challenge. That was Day 0. The beginning. The introduction. Today marks the first official day of writing code as part of this challenge. What’d we do today? Today, I wrote a basic app tracker in Python to track the time I use different applications on my computer. Right […]

100 Days of Code: Day 0 – “The Beginning”

Hello everyone! It has been a while and definitely a fun and exciting adventure over the past years since I’ve last deployed anything to this blog. While I may talk about my experiences over the past several years, especially in the software development industry, today’s post is to talk about an exciting new endeavour I’m […]

Winquire News Around the Web for January 3, 2011

Quite a bit’s happening this week, chiefly, CES 2011 is starting this Wednesday and will be held in Las Vegas. Here’s a few news tidbits floating around the web today, some regarding CES 2011. Will 2011 be the end of Wintel and the beginning of “GARM"? Larry Dignan, Editor-in-Chief at ZDNet, writes today about the […]

Running IE9 PP6 behind IE9 Beta

I forgot to mention this earlier, with all of the PDC10 hub dub going on. So, I’ll give it a shot here. Microsoft offered up details on how to modify the IE9 Beta to accommodate the innards of IE9 PP6. If you so happen to want to use the new Beta with the PP6 innards, […]