Welcome to WinQuire: A Brief Introduction

If you currently read my Tinkering with Windows blog, you may already know what I write about regarding Microsoft Windows and other related technologies. I plan on continuing that blog, of course, but I wanted to also experiment with the more advanced features that WordPress offers. So, from now on, I will be posting short blurbs to the Tinkering with Windows blog (along with perhaps more technical stuff), and post reviews, commentaries, writeups, etc. at WinQuire.

If you’re wondering about the name, I was trying to think up several different names over the past couple of weeks. WinQuire is a portmanteu of Windows and Inquire. Essentially, I hope that this site can become something that people go to when they’re inquiring about Windows, or more generally Microsoft, but that didn’t really seem to fit, “MicroQuire” meh.

Anyways, I hope to update this site on a fairly regular basis with reviews, helpful how-to articles, etc. If you have suggestions on specific topics that you wish for me to write about, let me know! Watch for my first (p)review of Internet Explorer 9 Beta coming later this week.

I more than gladly accept e-mails, tweets via my Twitter account, or comments on posts regarding questions about Microsoft products, general comments, tips, etc. Feel free to e-mail, tweet, or leave a comment.

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