100 Days of Code: Day 1 – App Tracker

Yesterday, I posted about starting the #100DaysOfCode challenge. That was Day 0. The beginning. The introduction. Today marks the first official day of writing code as part of this challenge. What’d we do today? Today, I wrote a basic app tracker in Python to track the time I use different applications on my computer. Right […]

100 Days of Code: Day 0 – “The Beginning”

Hello everyone! It has been a while and definitely a fun and exciting adventure over the past years since I’ve last deployed anything to this blog. While I may talk about my experiences over the past several years, especially in the software development industry, today’s post is to talk about an exciting new endeavour I’m […]

Windows 8 Product Editions: Keeping it simple

Microsoft today unveiled the Windows 8 Product Editions on their Windows Team Blog. There are a couple things we can take from this post. First, Microsoft is slimming down the product editions in Windows 8 and second, Windows 8 is now the official name for the next x86/x64 Windows (note, the importance of x86/x64 here, […]

Ubuntu removes default Mono support in 12.04: Don’t worry though, you can still (easily) get it back

I’m currently trying out the latest Ubuntu pre-release, 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), and noticed Ubuntu removed support for Mono by default in this release. Prior to 12.04, Ubuntu included a default installation of the Mono Project. However, getting Mono back onto Ubuntu is very easy. Open up the Ubuntu Software Center (located on the Launcher) Select […]