Get your 25GB of free SkyDrive storage while you still can

I just learned from Paul Thurrott that Microsoft announced some new services and products associated with its SkyDrive cloud service. Although most of the news was welcomed, one downside is Microsoft dropping the amount of free storage on SkyDrive from 25GB to 7GB. But, don’t fret yet, because Microsoft is allowing its loyal users (the ones who have been with them through thick and thin) a free upgrade to 25GB… for life. As far as I can tell, as long as you have previously created and used a SkyDrive account, you should be able to upgrade for free. Here’s how.

Go to and sign in with your Live ID.

When you sign in, you will see this at the top of your folders screen:


Click the link to be presented with the option to upgrade to your 25GB of space for free, for life.


Click “Free upgrade!”. You now have free storage of 25GB for life on your SkyDrive account.

Note, as you can see, Microsoft is now also offering paid-tier pricing plans. Up to 100GB per year, for an annual fee of $50.00. Along with this update, Microsoft has also released a SkyDrive desktop application that integrates with Windows Explorer. This is a very nice addition and one I plan on talking about soon.

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