Check Out Jeff Blankenburg’s 31 Days of Windows Phone 7

Not sure how I missed this, but Jeff Blankenburg will be posting everyday on his blog regarding topics of Windows Phone 7 development. Of course, I’ve been very interested in these types of topics, especially with such a new and intriguing platform such as Windows Phone 7.

I wish I had gotten to this earlier, as he started at the beginning of October, so there are only a few days left. But, if you want to check out his previous posts feel free to. Here’s the entire index as it stands:

Day #1: Project Template
Day #2: Page Navigation
Day #3: The Back Button Paradigm
Day #4: Device Orientation
Day #5: System Theming
Day #6: Application Bar
Day #7: Launchers
Day #8: Choosers
Day #9: Debugger Tips
Day #10: Input Scope
Day #11: Accelerometer
Day #12: Vibration Controller
Day #13: Location Services
Day #14: Tombstoning
Day #15: Isolated Storage
Day #16: Panorama Control
Day #17: Pivot Control
Day #18: WebBrowser Control
Day #19: Push Notification API
Day #20: Map Control
Day #21: Silverlight Toolkit
Day #22: Apps vs. Games
Day #23: Trial Versions of Your App
Day #24: Embedding Fonts, Video, and Images
Day #25: Talking to Existing APIs (like Twitter)

I’ll update the list as he finishes up the month of October. The 31 days of Windows Phone 7 also correlates well with his other projects such as 31 Days of Silverlight and 28 Days of Did-You-Knows in Technology. All of which are very interesting reads.

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