Winquire News Around the Web for January 3, 2011

Quite a bit’s happening this week, chiefly, CES 2011 is starting this Wednesday and will be held in Las Vegas. Here’s a few news tidbits floating around the web today, some regarding CES 2011.

Will 2011 be the end of Wintel and the beginning of “GARM"? Larry Dignan, Editor-in-Chief at ZDNet, writes today about the possible uprising of Google and ARM, or GARM as he pens the two terms together, may inevitably take precedence over Wintel. Chiefly, he claims that Wintel may in fact be losing ground due to Microsoft and Intel not being able to see the next technology trends in the future. Google and ARM on the other hand, appear to be on the near-cutting edge when it comes to the tablet and mobile market. We’ll see how these two partnerships dole out in the future.

CES is coming up on January 5-9. It will be full of new technology brought on by some of the larger, more well known companies like Google and Microsoft, but also from some less known companies. One of these companies that you will probably run into (literally) is Orbotix. They will be unveiling their new and only product, Sphero at CES. A remote-controlled ball, Sphero can be controlled via an iPhone or Android device remotely. It sounds cool, and if you’re going to CES, you’ll probably see it rolling around.

Facebook appears to be getting support from Goldman Sachs, $450 million to be exact. This, of course, brings about new valuations of Facebook, which currently rests around $50 billion. And rightly so. Although Facebook doesn’t have a strong business foundation per se (i.e. no subscription services), it does harness a huge amount of data that it has collected from its users.

More news to come throughout the day!

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