PostADay, PostAWeek WordPress Challenge

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a non-technical post here, or even at my Tinkering with Windows blog, but I’ll try to tie this in somehow with technology and perhaps even Microsoft. I was invited via e-mail to do a PostADay or PostAWeek challenge via WordPress. I thought about it, but given my schedule, I wasn’t sure if I could actually post once a day (I’d rather dream big and do once a day than once a week, to be perfectly honest).

However, given it more thought, and the fact that I’ve been wanting to post something every single day for a while now, I think I’ll give this a go. (As part of the challenge, I have to write about the challenge, so that’s why we’re getting this very off-topic post here.)

So, whether it will be a News of the Day post (a very simple, 15 minute job of collecting daily news articles from around the web) or something more complex like a Windows 7 Up-Close, or Windows 7 Tip or something else of the sort, I’ll try to bring something to the table every day. However, I won’t just write nonsense, I would much rather write only once a month and bring good quality content than write once a day and bring horrible content. Quality, in my opinion, trumps quantity any day of the week.

However, if I can bring something to the table regarding a useful Microsoft product or tip or other tips and tricks non-Microsoft related I’ll be sure to share the knowledge on hopefully a daily basis.

And as I don’t like writing these types of posts, I won’t be nagging others to read about my “WordPress Challenge.” So, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a loyal reader, thanks for putting up with the past 300 words or so! I’m also a day behind, so I’ll just write two posts for one of the 364 remaining days. (Of course, I could say I’m going by PST time instead, then I still have two hours to post this.)

Now to tie this in with technology, Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer 9 Beta as reached the 20 million downloads mark since the initial release on September 15, 2010.

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