Save $30 On Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student

Microsoft is currently offering $30 off on its Office 2010 Home and Student Suite from now until 11:59PM on November 29, bring the price from $150 down to $120. Home and Student edition includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. As the name implies, this suite should be suitable for the average home user or student. Unlike the other product editions for Office 2010 which only allow for one activation per license key, Home and Student allows for a total of three activations per license key.

If you’re interested in the discount, feel free to use this link to head over to the Microsoft store to pick up a copy. Of course, there’s one caveat here. If you’re a student, you can pick up Office 2010 Professional Academic (similar to Office 2010 Professional) for only $79.95. This edition throws in Outlook, Access, and Publisher on top of the already included applications in Home and Student. However, unlike Home and Student, Professional Academic only allows one activation per product key, so there is a catch. Ultimately, the decision is whether you want it all on one PC, or some on three PCs.

For more information on the different Office 2010 product editions, feel free to read my Office 2010 Product Editions, Pricing and Availability article over at Tinkering with Windows.

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