Microsoft Releases Visual Basic WP7 Tools to the Web

Microsoft today yesterday (now that I’ve forgotten to post this) announced the RTW of the Visual Basic WP7 Development Tools. Previously, Microsoft had only allowed development with Windows Phone in Visual C#, with this update/add-on, users will be able to develop for the Windows Phone in two different languages, C# and Basic. Feel free to check out the Visual Basic add-on. I haven’t played much with the VB side of things—Microsoft initially released the CTP for VB back in September—and have been doing a little more with C#; however, I think in the coming weeks I’ll give the Visual Basic stuff a try as well.

Microsoft has also included some Visual Basic code examples over at its MSDN portal. These are definitely worth checking out and made in the same high quality as the Visual C# videos that they produced previously.

Recall that Microsoft released the Visual C# Development tools back in September, well before the official release of Windows Phone 7. Since then, developers have become wildly enthusiastic about creating apps for WP7. There are currently over 15,000 apps reported at the WP7 app store. That’s not too shabby, considering they’re not all fart apps. You can download the Visual C# Development Tools from the Microsoft Download Center.

I’ll try to provide some more information on the Visual Basic WP7 tools in a later post. You can follow me on Twitter for more instantaneous updates (in 140 characters or less, of course), or drop me a line through a comment below or via e-mail.

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