Yahoo! to Blame for Windows Phone Data Leaks?

Earlier today, Rafael Rivera, Windows hacker and Windows 7 Secrets co-author, may have found the reason for Windows Phone data leaks that have been discussed recently around the web. The reason: Yahoo! seems to be sending and receiving far more data than it really needs to. In fact, on Rafael’s count, it sends roughly 25 … Continue reading Yahoo! to Blame for Windows Phone Data Leaks?

Windows Phone Tops 2 Million in Sales

Bloomberg has an interesting piece today regarding Greg Sullivan’s announcement of Windows Phone hitting the 2 million milestone mark. Sullivan also told Bloomberg that satisfaction of the Windows Phone OS is standing at a fairly high 93%, while brand awareness is currently sitting at 66% of those surveyed by Microsoft. Of course, the 2 million … Continue reading Windows Phone Tops 2 Million in Sales

Windows Phone “Sells” 1.5 Million Devices

Microsoft unexpectedly released sales figures for its Windows Phone devices today. Recently, they had stated they would not release these numbers until CES or even later. However, with the given criticism that Microsoft has received of not discussing sales figures, Microsoft may have been moved to release the numbers earlier than expected. Microsoft announced that … Continue reading Windows Phone “Sells” 1.5 Million Devices

Bing Visual Search: Find Your Favorite WP7 App

The other day, the Windows Team Blog offered up five new ways in which the Windows Phone team is trying to promote development for Windows Phone. My favorite feature of the five that they listed was the Bing Visual Search feature which allows users to simply find a Windows Phone app that they enjoy, visually. … Continue reading Bing Visual Search: Find Your Favorite WP7 App

Microsoft’s “Be What’s Next” Advertising Campaign

Microsoft has finally released some new marketing material that uses it’s anticipated “Be What’s Next” slogan. The material was found by Long Zheng fellow Microsoft enthusiast and then made even more popular by Tom Warren of WinRumors and Neowin fame. The marketing material spells out what Microsoft hopes for its software products to be now … Continue reading Microsoft’s “Be What’s Next” Advertising Campaign

Microsoft PDC10–Keynote 1: Some Notes

Today Microsoft’s PDC10 started off with a keynote hosted by Steve Ballmer and Bob Muglia of Microsoft fame. I watched the event live, though I wasn’t able to actually go to the event. I do have about 140 characters or less updates regarding my commentary on PDC10. Feel free to check it out via Twitter. … Continue reading Microsoft PDC10–Keynote 1: Some Notes