Microsoft PDC10–Keynote 1: Some Notes

Today Microsoft’s PDC10 started off with a keynote hosted by Steve Ballmer and Bob Muglia of Microsoft fame. I watched the event live, though I wasn’t able to actually go to the event. I do have about 140 characters or less updates regarding my commentary on PDC10. Feel free to check it out via Twitter. … Continue reading Microsoft PDC10–Keynote 1: Some Notes

WinQuire’s Daily Tidbits: October 26, 2010

I haven’t done a Daily Tidbits in a while, so here goes with today’s technology news from around the web. Enjoy! Just thought I would let everyone know that Microsoft is currently giving away a free eBook titled Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially since its free and if … Continue reading WinQuire’s Daily Tidbits: October 26, 2010