WinQuire Daily Tidbits: October 7, 2010

I wasn’t able to produce a Daily Tidbits yesterday, so I’ll try to cover a few articles in today’s version. So, without further ado, here are some news stories regarding Microsoft and related tech companies.

Say it ain’t so Microsoft! Apparently, some rumors are going around that Microsoft has been in talks with Adobe Chief and the talks are regarding a possible buyout of Adobe by Microsoft. Sure. I’ll let you read more and see Mary Jo Foley’s point of view on this as well (she’s highly skeptical of this as well). More than likely, as she points out, this is really about a way to form an alliance against Apple, I doubt anything too major will come out of this or future meetings.

Facebook added a few more features that include privacy changes, Facebook groups, and more. Hopefully, these changes will make Facebook a little more secure, although it seems nothing they do these days will appease anyone. Of course, the most popular service or product will be the one hit with the most vulnerabilities (Windows anyone?). One of the new features, Facebook Groups, allows users to create, yes you guessed it, groups of individuals who have something in common with each other. However, as Dwight Silverman points out, these Groups are non-voluntary, that is, if someone adds you to a group you can’t opt out of it, at least not from the get go.

Is this the year of Linux? No. Although Christopher Dawson seems to make a half-way decent point in his article regarding Ubuntu 10.10 and education. He doesn’t say that it’s going to replace Windows (it won’t, in case anyone who is reading this is thinking just that), but he does offer some insightful information for educational institutions. I’ve enjoyed reading his articles from time to time, but I don’t think Ubuntu 10.10 will be a deal-breaker for Windows. One thing that I got from this article is Edubuntu, which I think I may give a go once I get some time on my hands. I assume, though I haven’t been able to look up everything about it, that it offers several educational tools preloaded.

Come back tomorrow for some more Daily Tidbits!

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