WinQuire Daily Tidbits: October 1, 2010

Here’s the daily tidbits for October 1, 2010; daily tidbits featuring articles from around the web, including Microsoft services and technologies, among its many competitors and partners.

HP names Leo Apothaker as new Chief. Hopefully, he can do a decent job with HP. Along with that HP is possibly looking into buying SAP, the German-based, number one ERP software provider in the world. Could this mean a possible change in HP’s overall business objective?

Although a few sites have been noting a possible release of Windows Phone 7 on October 11, that doesn’t really appear to be so because the real date is still supposedly set for November 8. That date seems to be a bit more reasonable, as the October 11 date is reserved for Microsoft’s consumer show where they will probably announce Windows Phone 7, but not release.

Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, decided that cars should no longer be driven by people, because people make mistakes and computers on the other hand don’t make mistakes at all. Computer are still, however, programmed by humans. On a related note, he also mentioned that [Google] Search should be instantaneous and without user input. That is, depending upon where the user is and what they are doing, the Search should be able to suggest items for the user.

According to the WSJ, Microsoft is now suing Motorola over patent-infringement in the Android-OS phones that it sells. They apparently infringe upon nine of Microsoft’s current filed patents. This comes at a time that Microsoft’s WinMo devices have lost nearly half of their market share. That may change with Windows Phone 7, but only time will tell.

As I mentioned yesterday, the final release of Windows Live Essentials 2011 is now available from Microsoft. It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already installed it or upgraded to it yet.

I’ll provide more updates as the day progresses, check this post out later, or check out my other tidbits of days past, or in the future.

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