WinQuire Daily Tidbits: October 2, 2010

Daily news stories from around the web. Focusing primarily on Microsoft and related technologies and services, updated daily and throughout the day. Here’s what’s going on right now.

I didn’t write about this yesterday, but Steve Ballmer has named three new Presidents to Microsoft. Along with that, he will also be creating two new positions that two of the new presidents will be taking up. Andy Lees will be taking up the role of President of the Mobile Communications division, Don Matrick will be President of the Interactive Entertainment business, and Kurt DelBene will take Steve Elop’s position as President of the Business Division.

Google wants to try to replace JPEG images with its version called WebP. This platform is apparently derived from its video codec, WebM. Similar to JPEG images, WebP will take the advantage of saving space, with the disadvantage of lower quality. Now, only time will tell if it becomes the mainstream platform. More at CNet.

Are you a fan of the old Quake series? You may want to check out this Flash version of the original Quake games.

Yesterday, Microsoft released Messenger for Zune HD, both of which are my favorites in their respective categories. I you have a Zune HD and want to check this feature out, you can download it from the Zune Marketplace. This version supports Facebook integration, as well as being the same or very similar to the Windows Phone version.

Are you migrating from IE6 to IE8? You may want to check out this post on the Windows Team Blog (it includes a Springboard video explaining the process you may need to take).

I’ll try to keep updating this as the day progresses. Check back later today, or tomorrow for the next day’s Daily Tidbits.

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