WinQuire Daily Tidbits: October 3, 2010

It’s a Sunday, but I’ve still been able to scour up some type of news, at least it’s not a really slow Sunday. Here’s today’s news from around the world covering tech topics and Microsoft alike.

The infamous Mark Zuckerberg movie is both good and bad, according to this AllThingsD review. I haven’t been able to see the movie yet, so I can’t even put in my two cents, but from what Swisher has to say, the movie puts Zuckerberg in a completely different light than his real self, and that’s the bad part of the movie. You can catch her review, or several others from around the web.

Another AllThingsD (no, I don’t hang out here all day) article discusses an analyst that highlights a point that I’ve been stressing for a while, the iPad is not cannibalizing sales of the netbook (or, I would assume, the Tablet PC as well). Case in point, only about 13 percent of iPad owners purchased an iPad over a netbook, the iPad is a luxury device not a necessity, at least for now.

On a side note, though it doesn’t cover news per se, I have been getting questions about multimedia alternatives (i.e., something to take the place of Cable TV). Personally, even though I still have cable TV, I very rarely use it. Instead, I have a Netflix account and if I cannot find a particular movie or show live streaming on Netflix, I can typically find it on Hulu (I’ve also been using the Hulu Desktop more and more often of late as well). With that aside, Netflix also offers free DVD-rentals with your subscription too and depending upon the subscription you can have one, two, or even three DVDs out at a time. I should probably write something about this as I use a plethora of different online services to fulfill my multimedia needs from movies, TV shows, and music. Much more than I can cover in a less than 500 word daily news column.

I’ll try to update this as the day progresses.

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