WinQuire Daily Tidbits: October 4, 2010

Daily news stories from around the web. Focusing primarily on Microsoft and related technologies and services, updated daily and throughout the day. Here’s what’s going on right now.

Windows Phone 7 devices will be announced October 11 and then released on November 8. Contrary to what some news stories have been citing, the October 11 date is still going to be only for the announcement of Windows Phone 7. However, Microsoft will also offer a few more interesting details at the announcement event as well. These include the manufacturers that will be making Windows Phone 7 devices and also the carriers that will be selling the Windows Phone 7 devices.

Google has now announced a few of its content partners for its new Google TV. Some of these partners include Turner Broadcasting (including TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim) , HBO, NBC, and the NBA. One of the more interesting features of the new Google TV will be that it works with online services versus traditional cable services. Perhaps this may release a change to how users use and consume television. Google has also partnered with Amazon On-Demand Video which will produce around 75,000 movie titles.

In case you’re wondering why Microsoft’s stock is down yet again, it may be caused by a Goldman Sachs report that states Microsoft may be in better shape if they were change their ‘status quo’ and then they downgraded them from ‘buy’ to ‘neutral’ based on the results of that report. Alright, fair enough. Mary Jo Foley expands upon this idea in her brief commentary about the issue (as always, with plentiful links to continue your research). Sadly, however, it seems like Microsoft may never be able to run away from its anti-trust battles that plagued them over a year ago.

In the weird and interesting department, researchers and doctors are now finding out that hot laptops resting on your lap can cause permanent skin damage. There have been 10 reported cases in medical journals since 2007. So, I guess we shouldn’t rest our PCs on our laps anymore… perhaps we should also rename laptops to notebooks again so people get the idea. The case is apparently called, quite simply, ‘the toasted skin’ syndrome. Interesting to say the least…

I’ll update this with more stories as the day progresses, so check back later.

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