Microsoft’s “Be What’s Next” Advertising Campaign

Microsoft has finally released some new marketing material that uses it’s anticipated “Be What’s Next” slogan. The material was found by Long Zheng fellow Microsoft enthusiast and then made even more popular by Tom Warren of WinRumors and Neowin fame. The marketing material spells out what Microsoft hopes for its software products to be now … Continue reading Microsoft’s “Be What’s Next” Advertising Campaign

Microsoft PDC10–Keynote 1: Some Notes

Today Microsoft’s PDC10 started off with a keynote hosted by Steve Ballmer and Bob Muglia of Microsoft fame. I watched the event live, though I wasn’t able to actually go to the event. I do have about 140 characters or less updates regarding my commentary on PDC10. Feel free to check it out via Twitter. … Continue reading Microsoft PDC10–Keynote 1: Some Notes

Download Windows Live Essentials 2011

Well, to put it shortly, the final bits of Windows Live Essentials 2011 are now available for download from Microsoft. I’m currently looking at any changes that have been made and will provide a review of the final version sometime later. Hopefully, I’ll get around to posting some screenshots up here tomorrow. More from Microsoft: … Continue reading Download Windows Live Essentials 2011

Microsoft Will Not Require Windows 7 SP1 for IE 9

Yesterday, a couple of news stories went around regarding Windows 7 SP1 as a pre-requirement for users who wanted to install IE9 with Windows 7. This is no longer the case as it had sounded yesterday. In fact, Microsoft will not require SP1 as a pre-req for Windows 7 users who wish to install IE9. … Continue reading Microsoft Will Not Require Windows 7 SP1 for IE 9